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Dana Asher stands with the Canadian flag

My name is Dana and I am very proud to be Canadian! I believe we live in a great country and are extremely fortunate. On Canada Day, I want us, as Canadians, to join together and show the world how proud we are. This is the plan:

At 12:00 noon Pacific Time everyone in Canada will stop and sing our National anthem in the language of their choice. Think about the enormity of it... 30 million people singing the same song at the same time in celebration of our country!!! My friends and I did this last year and I cannot even describe the amazing feeling I got knowing that there were other Canadians singing at the same time as us - celebrating with us. The pride I felt as a Canadian is comparable only to our success at this year's winter Olympics.

So please, lets come together as a country for a couple of minutes on July 1st and show the world that we are proud to be Canadian!!!

Let them hear us sing like they heard us cheer when we won the gold!

Any questions, comments, suggestions, or offers of help are welcomed and greatly appreciated!

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