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Dana Asher stands with the Canadian flag
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06/16/02 - CRNews-Leslie's Gazette

Sing for Canada on Canada Day!

My name is Dana and I am a proud Canadian. I am fairly certain that most Canadians are proud to be Canadian. I want all of us (all 30 million of us), to come together on Canada Day and show each other and the world how proud we are.

I am trying to get all of Canada to sing our National Anthem at the same time - 12 Noon, Pacific Time - on Canada Day - July 1. Not just this year, but next year and every year after that.

Think of the enormity?30 million people singing the same song at the same time. An entire country unified together for a couple of minutes in celebration of Canada.

I tried this idea last year and it got a little bit of attention. My friends and I sang at noon P.T. at Long Beach in Tofino, B.C. It was an amazing feeling knowing that at least a few other Canadians across the country were singing with us. The pride and energy we felt was indescribable and comparable only to the pride felt during the Salt Lake Olympics.

The beauty of this idea is that it does not matter where you are at noon, you can sing. If you are driving on the freeway, if you are at work, if you are in your back yard, wherever you are - you can sing. We all take a few minutes of silence at 11:00 on Remembrance Day for those who gave their lives for our country. Doesn't it make sense to also give a few minutes of song for the country they fought for?

So please help me unite the entire country in song for just a few minutes on Canada Day. Tell all your friends, and tell them to tell all of their friends, etc.

Happy Canada Day - hope to hear everyone singing!

For more information about singing for Canada on Canada Day, please visit

By Dana Asher
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

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